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Troisième Edition
Thueyts en Ardèche
7 juin 2014

"Chaussée des Géants" Trail Race

In Ardèche, North of Marseille and South of Lyon, in a gorgeous landscape of gentle and steeper slopes shaded by forests of chestnut trees will take place in June 2014 the "Chaussée des Geants" trail race.

This area, known by sports fanatics for the climbing, canoeing or mountain-biking opportunities it offers will now be the backdrop to a new, challenging race aimed to delight eyes and feet alike.
Runners will have a choice of 3 itineraries over distances of 20km (12.5 miles) or 53km (33 miles) (the 53Km race earns you 1 pt to 2015 UTMB!) and the last challenge this year 10km (6.2 miles) . Varying terrain and panoramas will make for very interesting running indeed!
The races are open to experienced runners.
Registration can be completed either online or by mail.  
Fees are 10 or 15 euro for the 10km race, 20 or 25 euro for the 20km race and 40 or 45 for the 53km one (Lower price for early booking, before May 30).

In Thueyts where the race will begin and end, accommodation can be found for all budgets : hotels, camping sites, bed and breakfasts, holiday rentals...

The nearest airports are in Avignon (145km), St Etienne (150km), Nimes (160km), Marseille (200km), Montpellier (210 km), Lyon (220km), Grenoble (220km)
The nearest TGV stations are in Montélimar (60km) and Valence (100km) with connections to Aubenas (20km).
Car-sharing can also be a solution!

The organisers’ English is not as good as their heart and legs but they’ll be happy to answer any question you might have by email. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter Follow PatHAOND on Twitter.

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